The 3DCheapskate's Non-Existent Guide To Animation Software

On this page: Generic animation, Poser animation, DAZ Studio animation, Blender animation.

I don't really know anything about animation and have no real interest in it, so I'll just make a couple of very basic observations.


How do you make an old-fashioned cartoon? Draw one picture, then draw another but slightly different, then another, etc. An animation is just a lot of still pictures. I read somewhere that in the old big animation studios one guy would do the main 'key' frames, ands then the dogsbodies would do all the tedious filling in the intermediate frames to make sure it flowed smoothly. Most software lets you do the keyframes and does the filling in itself.


Poser includes a keyframed timeline. I've never really used it, so I can't really help you here.

DAZ Studio

DAZ Studio uses the keyframe approach. It also has several animation plugins, for a fee. Animate for full-body movements. Mimic for lip-sync. Once again I've never really used any of this, so I can't really help you.


I've tried a couple of animation tutorials for Blender - making a flag that flutters in the wind, making a squishy ball that bounces. It seems really powerful once you've learnt how to use it - but I've never got that far. There are plenty of tutorials out there if you're interested.


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