Work In Progress

Clearly the biggest WIP at the moment is this website. It'll take some time to put it together, so please bear with me. The main purpose of this page is to provide some information about the various projects that I've started but not yet released. It's dual-purpose really, firstly as a reminder for me (I was amazed how much stuff is gathering dust), and secondly as reminder to anybody who likes my stuff - feel free to prod me via any of the usual contact methods.

All this stuff should appear (eventually!) as freebies at Renderosity and ShareCG, or here on my webiste.

Additional Stuff for the S.E.Asian Duel...

None of this was quite right at the time I did the release so I didn't include it.


Looks like the shields are going to be the next item released. Three different ones, modelled, UV mapped, and each with a single 'Fit Freak/Behemoth Hand' morph. There'll be a '<Shield> Smart+' prop for each as well as the basic props. Here's Behemoth, running off with my latest half-textured (hand/mouse-drawn/copied from photos of shields at the Grand Palace in Bangkok) shield and a scaled up version of the basic helmet (see below). He says it's good enough for him, and I'm not going to argue! More work required before release to the world at large though.


The three shields are all 'punch-grip' type designed to work with the 'DhaGrip' hand pose. Very simple geometry (about 500 faces per shield). The early textures below were knocked up from a photo of some decorative painting ('laay Thai') in a Wat somewhere. I still like them - maybe have to do a proper version as additional textures?


(Note: Using SubD in DAZ Studio still messes up the UV mapped patterns, but I think there's enough vertices/faces already, so I'm not worrying.)

Helmets (Thai / Burmese / Khmer)

I've had the basic helmet for ages. I'm happy that it fits Mike 3 about right, and I'm working on fits for the other 27 figures - simple Y/Z translation plus some scaling seems to be sufficient (so far!). The most awkward bit is the chinstrap, which is simple twisted rope. Still not quite right for Mike 3 - and then there's the pesky mouth morphs that move the chin. And then the same for the other 27 figures (some of whom have an extra 'Jaw' bone...). Anyway here's a piccy:



A sword needs a scabbard. I've had a very basic one modeled and mapped since I first created the 'dha'. The 'DhaGrip' hand pose works for holding it. It's got the same morphs as the dha blade. There's a basic wooden texture, and I'm planning on a silver one like the additional texture for the hilt (see below). There'll be a 'Scabbard Smart+' prop that'll give you three grip positions - top, middle, or end. A one-piece 'dha-in-scabbard' prop as well. I also need to do the rope sling for the scabbard, and the paired scabbards in an X for carrying on the back. Fits and morphs for 28 figures needed...


Additional Testures For The 'Dha'

A nice decoratively tooled silver hilt for the dha - here's a Poser 6 render. It's very hit-and-miss getting it to render nicely though, which is why I haven't released it.


I've also got a couple more 'wootz' textures for the blade. I've uploaded a YouTube video with a 360 degree rotation to give you some idea (click the image below to go to the YouTube page and view the video - it's only about 12 seconds):


Something For The Warriors To Wear...

Some minimal clothing is also required. Nothing fancy, just a sarong, tucked in for battle. Versions/fits for 28 figures?! Hmmmm.... still haven't got Mike 3's one anywhere near right yet!

Thai Furniture

A Thai chair is one of the first models I made. Here's a render that includes it - yes, needs some work.


Thai Bird Cage

A really simple Thai birdcage. Looking at the picture I can't see why I didn't release it?


WWI tank driver's splatter mask

I had a thread about this on the DAZ forums ages ago saying 'nearly ready'. Whoops! Lots more work for this one.


Additional CBB (Chedi Building Block) elements

Some unsupported stairways and railings, Burmese pagoda style blocks, top-pieces, and a few other bits and bobs lying around. Nothing really ready for uploading yet (although looking at this picture...)


Muay Boran and Krabi Krabong poses


I've got a few S.E.Asian style swordfighting poses for M3 that I've been playing with. You may recognise one of them as being part of the 'S.E.Asian Duel' paired pose. I like the idea of a 'war dance' theme, not just combat poses, but ritual and ceremonial type ones too. Poses from Thai Khon drama are rather appealing.

Asian plants and flowers

Nothing to show yet. As well as attempting to model specific plants I've been playing with lots of ideas for generic vegetation, including single-quad leaves, 'hexaflora' (extruding a hexagon to make plants), and all sorts of other stupid ideas.

More tileable textures

Roof tiles, naga scales. Stuff to tie in with my Chedi Building Blocks.


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