Notes Mainly Written As Reminders For Myself

There's lots of stuff that I had scribbled down on bits of paper to remind me how to do things - I'm currently collecting it all together as 'Notes To Self', although some of it might be of interest to others.

Notes That Other People Might Find Useful

In my view only experts can give tutorials, and I'm not one of them. Call them what you will, this is where you'll find mine. So far there's only one...

How To Model A Seamless Tiling Texture Using Blender And GIMP

This was originally posted as a thread on the DAZ forums, and then by request as a PDF on ShareCG. But since you can't see the images on the DAZ forums unless you're logged in (plus the DAZ forums were down due to the 'site upgrade' when I tried to look at it), and you can't download from ShareCG unless you're logged in, I've decided to make the whole thing available here, no log-in required.

You can download the PDF (it's now issue 1 - same as the Draft A PDF at ShareCG except the line-wrapping's been fixed, and some of the unnecessary wording at the start's been removed), or view the whole thing online as a single webpage

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