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Lost? If you can't find something on this website try the site map. Also have a look at the notes about the website below. Please bear in mind that I'm doing a lot of work on the site at the moment, so everything's liable to change.

Problems with a freebie? If you're having problems with one of my freebies try looking at the relevant freebies page. The readme files should already be on this website. I plan to start adding extra information to the freebie pages once the basic site structure is finalized. In the meantime I'm always happy to answer individual queries about any of my freebies - please use the feedback form.

Website looks wrong? Have a look at the notes below first. But if you think there's a problem I might not be aware of please let me know.

None of the above: That's what the contact me page is for!

Some Notes About This Website

Did I Mention That I'm Working On It? The most likely cause of website problems is that I'm still fiddling with it, and regularly breaking things - please bear with me. As of 2nd July 2014 I've started doing some more work on it, and hopeto clear up any problems I spot in the next few days/weeks/months...

Site Navigation: You'll notice that this website doesn't have a header, footer, or standard menus. All the information that would normally be in those places can be accessed via that 'More...' button in the top-left corner. You'll get nested drop-down menus of links appearing if you move your mouse over it. Everything except the 'Meta...' should be a clickable link.

Links: All links are indicated in the same way, and change colour when you move your mouse over them - this one simply links straight back to this page. Images which are links will show a white border when you move your mouse over them. The first image below is a link straight back to this page, the second image is just an image, and the third image opens a larger version of the image in a new tab/window.

Test image (link back to this page) Test image (plain image) Test image (link to new window)

Off-Site Links: All offsite links should be clearly indicated by a small symbol after the link. A little arrow (e.g. this DAZ 3D link) indicates an off-site link. A little arrow with a padlock (e.g. this link) indicates an off-site link that requires you to be logged in to that site - if you're not you will usually be taken to the site's login page. If you don't see the little symbols I'd like to know - please use the feedback form and let me know what sort of computer and browser you're using, that way I might be able to fix it!

Website Coding: This website is 99% HTML 4.01 with CSS 2 - so it should work fine even in most older browsers. I've even left in some of the CSS2 workarounds for IE6! However, I couldn't resist using the CSS3 text-shadow for headings! I also use a little bit of Javascript for the teaser icon (top left corner of the gallery page, but planned for every page) and the 'last updated'/'last css check' dates in the metadata for each page. The teaser icon uses a neat little piece of jQuery code - details and links in the teasericon.js file. A couple of pages (e.g. my contact page) are PHP, but the HTML that's served should be valid.

Validation: Each page on this website includes links (under the 'Meta' option from the menu) to the HTML/CSS validators on the W3C website. Click the 'Last HTML check' link and the W3C HTML validator will tell you whether the page you clicked from is valid HTML.
Click the 'Last CSS check' link and the W3C CSS validator will tell you whether my website stylesheet (default.css) is valid.
As of 17th July 2014 I think that just about every page has been validated.
The four little bits of javascript that I use (headnote.js, lastupdated.js, csscheck.js and teasericon.js) modify the HTML using document.write() or document.writeln(), and teasericon.js does a bit of juggling with images. The W3C validation for each page only applies to the static HTML that's in the source HTML file.

Printout example

Printing: This website uses CSS2 for print styling, so the printout will be slightly different from what you see on the screen. The main difference is that the printout will be black text on a plain white background, with no background image, and no banner down the left-hand side - so the printout should be basically just the words and pictures, which is what you probably want. Also any offsite links will have the full URL printed - I find it's really irritating when that doesn't happen! Click on the thumbnail to see how this page should looked when printed - the thumbnail is a bit out-of-date, but you should get the idea.

Web Hosting: This website is hosted at (the link includes my affiliate code, just in case you sign up!). I've been using them for several years already to host a number of sites for myself and for friends. I've always been happy enough with them.


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