Takeaway - Freebies Available For Download

Over the past few years I've created a small number of 3D models, textures, shaders, scripts, etc that I've made available for free to the online 3D community. I enjoy making these, and I plan to create more. This page should be a full list of all these freebies. Click the items for more information and download links. All of my freebies are available via and , although you do need to be logged in as a registered member of those sites to download (registration is easy and free).

Most of these freebies were created specifically for Poser and/or DAZ Studio. But many of them include seperate geometries in OBJ format (although mostly without MTL files) - these could be used in most other applications. I'm currently working through the list and trying to improve the information I've provided.

Freebie icon I'm currently working on making my older freebies available for download directly from this website, without any log-in requirements. Items that can be downloaded from this website are marked with a green arrow, like the one shown at left.


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