Unless you plan to start making your own 3D models from scratch you'll probably want to get hold of some ready-made ones. Some 3D software comes with 3D content to get you started. Many sites sell 3D content. But you can also find a lot of 3D content for free.

There's plenty of legitimate free 3D content available, so please only download from legitimate sites. How do you know if a site is legitimate? Start with the ones I've listed here, join some of the online 3D communities, and you'll gradually get to know.

Warning! Many 3D models of human figures are 'anatomically correct', i.e. they include the naughty bits! Many 'textures' or 'character' add-ons for human figures include photorealistic skin, including the naughty bits. So if you, or any other user of the computer, are likely to be offended please be aware of this!

Here are a few recommendations for places to find free content.

(The items that DAZ 3D has on its Freebies page are actually 'free with any purchase' or 'free to fee paying members')


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