About The 3DCheapskate's Unreal Imperfect

Welcome to 'Unreal Imperfect', the 3D art/modelling website of Pete Williams (a.k.a. the 3DCheapskate, or just 3dcheapskate).

Why 'Unreal Imperfect? Well, unreal in that none of this (the website, the models, the pictures) has any physical substance. Imperfect - my abilities? Definitely. But maybe a goal as well - a lot of 3D stuff is too clean, too exact, too perfect.

Or perhaps 'unreal' as in "Hey man, that's so unreal!" (i.e. amazing, unbelievable), and 'imperfect' in the grammatical sense (i.e. non-finite, continuing, ongoing, habitual). I like that one!

My main interest is in ancient/mythical South-East Asia (if you hadn't guessed already!) - my long-term goal is to produce a variety of items on this theme. A couple of years ago this was just a pipedream, but nowadays it doesn't seem quite so impossible (although I don't underestimate the amount I still have to learn!)

About Me

For the last two decades of the 20th century I was a software monkey in the UK. But then I escaped and ran away to S.E.Asia! It was here, around 2007, in an internet cafe, that I (re)discovered 3D - I somehow chanced upon a download for DAZ Studio 1/2. I quickly became a 'collector', downloading all the (legally) free 3D models I could find, and around 2009 I picked up a bargain copy of Poser 6. But like many collectors I fell into a common trap - maintaining my collection in a pristine, unused condition!

In early 2010 I discovered Blender and started producing occasional models and textures of my own. With my rusty-software-monkey 'skills' I also started hacking together my own scripts for DAZ Studio and Poser. Any reasonable models, textures, or scripts that I've produced has been released as freebies over at Renderosity and here at ShareCG.

About My Freebies

All my freebies are available at both ShareCG and (you have to be a member of those sites to download it). I'm also making some of the older stuff available for download directly from this website without any login requirements.

And I'm still making lots of stuff. It's just that recently I've been having far too much fun playing with the toys in my runtime and making pictures. So the planned work on my freebies has suffered. But since nobody's actually asked about progress on the Smart+/PropGoto+ update, or anything else (except the S.E.Asian helmet - sorry Mal, I will get round to it, but I just keep getting distracted!) it's all on the back-burner for now. Please do feel free to chase me up if there's anything I've said I'll do - I often need just a small shove!

About My Pictures

A couple of years ago I finally ceased my endless quest for freebies. Curiously my runtime was bulging at the seams - and to be honest I had no real idea of what was inside it! So I started to play with the stuff I'd collected.

But recently my toys have really started to come to life... pictures have just started 'happening'. I simply open Poser, peek inside to see what all those little guys and gals and beasties are up to, and hit 'render' when they tell me to!

So you see, I can't really take credit for any of the pictures I post here... ;o)

Other Places To Find Me

I'm usually active at one or more of the following places - my blog. , , DeviantArt, DAZ3D , or HiveWire3D. I'm user 3dcheapskate wherever I go (so far).

If you want to get in touch with me for any reason (e.g. problems with one of my freebies, asking why I haven't done something I said I was going to, etc) you can use the >contact form on this website, or get in touch via any of the other places I've listed. I try to reply promptly, but sometimes I may not log into all of my accounts


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