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3DC013: South East Asian Duel (Poses, Prop, Scripts)

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Original release date: 22 May 2012
Designed for: Poser or DAZ Studio (Tested with *Poser 6, DAZ Studio 3 and DAZ Studio 4 on a Windows 7 PC)
Other formats: No
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South-East Asian Duel, Paired (Static) Pose Set A (Includes Prop And A Couple Of 'Handy' Scripts) For Poser Or DAZ Studio

Deep in the Asian jungle they face each other across the clearing, each armed with a pair of dha, the long-handled, slightly curved, single edged swords of the region. A sudden lunge with a powerful right hand blow - the opponent ducks and blocks deflecting the vicious swing overhead. The right-hand counterattack was anticipated and is solidly blocked too. But who are the two combatants? Any pair of these 28 supported figures... - DAZ Gen 3: Aiko 3, David, Hiro 3, Laura 3, Luke 3, Michael 3, Stephanie Petite 3, The FREAK, The Girl, Victoria 3. - DAZ Gen 4: Michael 4, Victoria 4 (should work with all variants, e.g. Aiko 4, etc) - DAZ Gen 5: Genesis (base figure), - Poser 5: P5 Don, P5 Judy. - Poser 6: P6 James, P6 Jessi, Miki 2. - Poser 7: G2 James, G2 Jessi. - Sixus 1: Behemoth, PH Female, PH Male. - Others: Antonia, Apollo, F202 Dollie, Kirwyn's K, MayaDoll. You need to have DAZ Studio or Poser, and the figures, facial expressions, hair, clothing and jungle (or other) scenery already in your library. This set provides you with the swords and two poses, plus a couple of handy (pun intended!) scripts. What's Included: - A sword prop with 8 morphs (500 face geometry in an external OBJ file) - A basic rattan & steel sword texture (texture map, bump map, and UV template) - Poser/DS mats to apply the texture - A sword grip hand pose for each of the 28 supported figures. - Two poses for each of the 28 supported figures. (Paired, solo, upper-body and lower-body versions of each) *Sword Smart+ Script: Effectively a smartprop sword that automatically applies the correct sword grip hand pose. *PropGoto+ Script: Similar to the Smart+ script, but using a sword prop that's already loaded. (All DAZ Script and PoserPython files are in plain ASCII text format for you to examine, rework, laugh at, etc) *The PoserPython scripts probably won't work with later versions than Poser 6 due to their use of the Poser 6 PoserPython User Interface. For this reason I've included versions of both PoserPython scripts with all User Interface elements removed - these may or may not get around the problem (if there is one). These scripts are clearly marked as Test versions. More info on my site - (Check out my S.E.Asian Shields too: )


In March-May 2012 I was on the DAZ and Renderosity forums a lot asking questions about DAZ script and PoserPython scripting. My goal was to create a script that put a prop in a figure's hand and applied the correct hand pose. It was a success. I completed my scripts (both DAZ Studio and Poser 6 versions) but decided not to release them as stand-alone scripts, but to include them as part of a set that would show how useful they can be. I also had a 'Dha' prop (a South East Asian sword) that was waiting for some poses to go with it before release. I decided to combine all of these.

Let's start with an overview - here's a 12 second YouTube video showing a 360 degree view of the M3 static paired pose set (click the image below to go to the YouTube page and view the video - it's only about 12 seconds):


The sword, a South East Asian 'Dha', is included. The geometry's very simple, only 500 faces (you can use SubD if you need it smoother, although it makes the point slightly rounded). There's a simple UV-mapped texture and material settings for both Poser and DAZ Studio (the 'Dha.dsa' script in the same folder as the 'Dha.pp2' prop ensures that when you load the prop in DAZ Studio you'll get the DAZ Studio materials applied automatically).

The sword also has eight simple morphs to allow the variety of shapes common for the real-world dha.

Hand Pose

There are individually created 'DhaGrip' hand poses for the 28 supported figures (listed later). Some of them aren't very good I'm afraid - it's my first attempt at posing hands!.


Props and hand poses aren't much use unless you can actually place the prop in the hand correctly. Rather than the usual 'SmartProp', I've gone for a script-based solution - 'PropGoto+' and 'Dha Smart+ Prop' scripts (DAZ Studio and Poser 6 versions). They're effectively smartprops that also apply the correct hand poses.

The Two Poses

Here's the basic M3 v M3 paired pose (they were created in Poser 6, so they're in PZ2 format):

In addition to the M3 versions I've created individually adjusted versions of each pose for 27 additional figures. Each pose has been individually adjusted (for most figures just the arms and legs) so that the swords clash nicely with the M3 opponent. They're all in PZ2 format (including the Genesis poses which were created in DS4 and exported using PFE).

Here's the full list of the 28 figures:

Here's the versions for DAZ's Laura 3 and Sixus 1's Behemoth. You'll notice that there's a slight overlap in the swords. This is because I created each figure-specific pose against the M3 opponent pose, trying to match the two sword-clash contact points as closely as possible. But if the orientation of the sword blade differs significantly from the M3 version of the pose any slight error will manifest as a gap or overlap. In most cases it's very easy to fix - simply adjust the 'Side-Side' or 'Twist' of one figure's sword-hand by around one degree. Or just use the 'Straighten Blade' morph on one of the swords (negative values will make the blade more curved).

Solo, Paired, Upper-Body Only, And Lower-Body Only Versions

For each of the two poses for each figure there are four subset versions. None of them include the 'Body', so the figure (or the centrepoint of the dueling pair for the paired version) will remain at its current location in the scene:

I decided not to do mirror image versions - it was the thought of creating all the extra icons for the library that put me off, not the pose creation itself. It's very easy to do for yourself: With Poser (P6 at least) you use the main menu 'Figure > Symmetry > Swap Right And Left'; With DS you use the little '>' at the top right of the 'Parameters' tab, select 'Symmetry' and set nodes=root, propogation=recursive, direction=swap left and right, trunk nodes=mirror y|z rotations.

Hopefully that's whetted some appetites!


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