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See also the Chedi Building Blocks

3DC002: Simple Tibetan-Nepali Style Stupa

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Original release date: 30 May 2010
Designed for: Poser or DAZ Studio (Tested in Poser 6 and DAZ|Studio 3).
Other formats: Yes - one UV-mapped OBJ (but no MTL file) with 2 JPG texture maps, 1 JPG bump/displacement map.
Download (545KB): Not yet available from this site. Alternative Downloads: | . View ReadMe. (Downloaded 643+ times)
ShareCG stats: (at 7 Feb 2013): Rating:4.5/5, Raters:10, Views:867, Downloads:273 (and 136+ before the download count reset problem in Feb/Mar 2011)
Renderosity stats: (at 20 Feb 2013): Avg Rating:0, Downloads: 370

Release threads: DAZ General Freepozitory forum | | RDNA Community Gifts forum
Development threads: | WIP - Tibetan-Style Stupa (Freebie) - Are the tris okay? |
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An architectural prop for the road to Shangri-La.
10 material zones to customize appearance. 2 simple material textures supplied.


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