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Subtitle: So What's This 3D Software Stuff All About Then?

The simplest, but far from complete, answer is that 3D software helps you conjure pictures and/or videos from nothing using a computer. The end result, the pictures, are two dimensional, but they are created within an a imaginary three-dimensional world. That 'unreal' 3D world exists only within the computer, inside the 3D software.

Surprisingly a lot of the software is available for free, or relatively cheaply. There's more information and links about that elsewhere on my site, but you'll have to do a bit of exploring. Hopefully the way my site works should be fairly easy to grasp

Now you're probably thinking that the pictures you can make with free/cheap software can't be that good. Take a look at some of the galleries below.

It may take a while, but once you get to grips with the basics of 3D software you should be very surprised at just how good you can get! And with a bit and time and effort you'll hopefully improve beyond your wildest expectations.

When you've whetted your appetite with those images don't forget to check back here - this website provides some information to help you to my get started...

Happy rendering!
The 3DCheapskate (aka Pete Williams)

Picture Galleries

Here's a few online galleries showing you the sort of stuff that you can create.

Demo Reels

And these are people who need impressive transition effects and epic music to accompany their pictures.

Temporary Links For Testing

These links are for my own ongoing test purposes, but if you're inquisitive feel free to click on them. It's rather boring stuff to be honest, and not worth clicking them (honest!)


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